3UNITS TECHNOLOGY di Temporini e Tornaghi Snc

Via Stefano Franscini 4

Contact Person:
Luigi Tornaghi

Our firm was founded by a group of passionate and enthusiastic professionals who believe that their
various different skills in the IT and three-dimensional plant design sectors can contribute to the creation
of software solutions, which stand out because of their quality, skill and innovation. Our firm is endowed
with the same characteristics as a web company, allowing for an extremely ductile organization with
flexible working hours that can be adapted to the project’s needs. This cuts time and cost, the benefits
of which are reflected in the final services and systems provided.
Our body of staff is made up of essential professionals with more than twenty years of experience in the
commercial/marketing sector, as well as experienced plant design and stress analysis engineers.
Our company is registered at the Chamber of Commerce of the Canton Ticino.
  • AutoPIPE
  • MicroStation
  • OpenPlant
  • RAM
Geographic Coverage
  • Italy
  • Malta
  • Switzerland