• Manila Water Company

    Demand-based Network Management

    Manila, Philippines

Project Summary


With a goal to operate more efficiently, deliver the right water pressure at the right time, and avoid unnecessary system waste, Manila Water Company (Manila) implemented its Demand-based Network Management program (DBNM) in key cities in the metropolitan Manila area. As part of the program, Manila initiated this USD 222,000 project to reduce non-revenue water loss and excessive facility power consumption. To meet these objectives, Manila needed to analyze the water system and ensure pumping facilities can adjust to the right pressure schemes for optimal operation and water distribution.


Manila created a hydraulic model in Bentley WaterGEMS to represent the water system conditions for multiple demand scenarios. Simultaneously, the network team gathered data at different points in the supply zone and identified critical sites experiencing the lowest network pressure where they installed pressure loggers used to monitor and calibrate the hydraulic model. Using this integrated modeling and analysis approach, Manila simulated the pressure conditions and implemented the proper pump schedules in the different pumping facilities anchored to the respective critical water supply points.


Using WaterGEMS for hydraulic modeling and simulation enabled Manila to ensure adequate pressure to its customers 24/7. Optimizing water pressure delivered a total power savings of 11 KWH per 1 million liters of pumped water, saving USD 600,000 over two years, and reduced pipe breakages, minimizing maintenance costs. The efficient pumping operations reduced the level of non-revenue water over the same two-year period by 2 million liters-per-day, the equivalent of USD 860,000.


Using hydraulic modeling in WaterGEMS in conjunction with flow and pressure loggers located at strategic points in each supply zone allowed Manila to analyze the water system and accurately simulate pressure conditions. With a calibrated hydraulic model, Manila was able to adjust the pumping schedules to optimal pressure schemes as demanded by the system for efficient operation, reducing power costs and water waste, and ensuring flawless customer service.

  • Manila optimized its water supply system using WaterGEMS for hydraulic modeling and simulation to adjust water pressure at critical points in the network, significantly reducing power costs and non-revenue water.
  • To ensure accurate simulated pressure conditions in the WaterGEMS model, Manila calibrated the pumping facilities using pressure loggers at critical points in the network.
  • With an integrated scientific approach based on hydraulic modeling and simulation, Manila saved over USD 1 million in operating costs within two years, enhanced customer service, and ensured continued stakeholder and company support for its DBNM program.
  • “Radical and innovative changes in water supply pumping operations within the company used to be welcomed with hesitation due to a ‘play-it-safe’ mentality. This was remedied by a scientific approach through hydraulic modeling and simulation using Bentley WaterGEMS. Bentley constantly generates innovative tools essential to bridging hydraulic theory and effective operational practice.”

    Jalil Madueno Water Supply Operations Manager Manila Water Company