• Jacobs

    Las Cruces Army Reserve Center

    Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States

Project Summary

The 15-acre Army Reserve Center in New Mexico includes a training facility and operational maintenance shop, and is an energy-efficient pilot project, striving to achieve net zero electrical energy. The project required Jacobs to develop lifecycle cost strategies to reduce energy, design a LEED Platinum certified facility, and use BIM for energy modeling and analysis. To meet these overall goals, and integrate the multiple file formats and technologies used during the design charette, Jacobs needed flexible, interoperable modeling and simulation tools.

Using Bentley BIM and dynamic simulation software, Jacobs integrated information from multiple locations and created a detailed schematic model that validated overall project requirements and could be moved into the production process. Jacobs relied on Bentley products and personnel to perform accurate modeling and energy analysis and provide a sustainable design path. The flexibility and interoperability of Bentley’s software enabled the team to streamline the design process and evaluate energy-efficient design strategies to meet sustainability standards.

With the entire project team using Bentley ProjectWise, BIM, and energy analysis software, Jacobs was able to develop an integrated design process to reduce project costs by enabling real-time file sharing in a universal file format among all disciplines. The efficiencies and automation provided by Bentley solutions of otherwise manual processes saved significant man hours, allowing more time to investigate alternative options and enhance the design to achieve energy and environmental performance goals.

Using Bentley Architecture (now AECOsim Building Designer) to set the program requirements allowed the designers to easily validate spatial layout and ensure layouts in multiple design schemes met the program square-footage requirements. Jacobs used Hevacomp for evaluating sustainability to determine optimal building orientation and perform lifecycle analysis. Implementing BIM accelerated the design process and streamlined the transition into the detailed design and construction phases. ProjectWise enhanced information sharing among a multidisciplinary team located in seven offices spanning the country.
  • Using Bentley’s flexible, integrated software saved significant time and project costs and enhanced collaboration among multiple disciplines spanning the United States.
  • The interoperability of Bentley software provided Jacobs an integrated modeling and energy simulation environment to investigate multiple design options to further the Army Reserve Center’s energy-efficiency goals.
  • Bentley ProjectWise, BIM, and Hevacomp software accelerated information sharing and streamlined the modeling and analysis process to facilitate the design and construction of a self-sustainable, LEED Platinum certified facility.