• CH2M

    Denver Metro Northern Treatment Plant

    Denver, Colorado

Project Summary

The Northern Treatment Plant will bring a whole new wastewater treatment capacity to Denver’s Metro Wastewater Reclamation District and allow it to continue to meet the needs of customers, now and into the future. Sized to treat 24 million gallons per day, this new, USD 475 million plant will deploy the use the latest technologies to enable it to plan ahead for expansions and expected regulatory changes regarding effluent limits, and include recreational community spaces.

Taking a BIM approach to the project, CH2M managed all project data and information using ProjectWise so that all intelligent models shared a consistent data definition across more than 20 on-site facilities. All design disciplines (architectural, structural, building mechanical, electrical, civil, process mechanical and piping, and instrumentations) used intelligent modeling tools configured to meet the BIM goals defined by the client. A formal BIM execution plan was developed to ensure expectations were clearly defined and feasible. All authoring was completed using the Bentley suite of tools that delivered information mobility to the project.

The distributed design team successfully completed the project, delivering a design that blended architecturally with surrounding buildings and supports advanced wastewater treatment for millions of gallons of water each day.

The project was completed using resources from over 20 CH2M offices connected via ProjectWise. Design reviews and automated clash detection were facilitated via Bentley Navigator. OpenPlant PID provided an intelligent schematic tool outlining the wastewater treatment process. Data from the intelligent PIDs was brought into Bentley Raceway and Cable Management to attach electrical information to equipment.
  • The new treatment plant has been designed to be future proof by accounting for expected regulatory changes, population growth, and more.
  • CH2M demonstrated its ability to distribute BIM across the globe using a distributed network of BIM authors, designers, quality control review staff, design-build value engineers, and client reviewers.