• AECOM Asia

    Project Consultancy Service for Kannur International Airport

    Kannur, Kerala, India

Project Summary

Dubbed the “Crown of Kerala” India, Kannur is known not only for its idyllic white sand beaches, but also for its past as the capital city of an ancient kingdom. The new Kannur International Airport is intended to tap the vast tourism potential of the area as well as mitigate travel time for commuters. However, the land identified for the airport is hilly, and significant earthwork was required to make the 1,275-acre site suitable for development.


AECOM Asia designed a tabletop runway that will maximize the land contour of the airport. Bentley MXROAD was used for the detailed analysis of the topographical data and contour levels to assess the land profile and airport infrastructure requirements, reduce the cost of earthwork to match cut-and-fill quantities, and meet regulatory requirements. The software was also used to design horizontal and vertical alignment of all access roads.

Bentley MXROAD reduced man-days by 50% for generation of the triangulation model from grid contour data. Preparation of alignment options also took 50% fewer man-months compared to other road design software. By reducing reliance on drafting work, the software minimized the number of draftsmen required on the project.

Bentley MXROAD was the only software capable of handling the repetitive, quick modifications necessary to achieve the optimal cut-and-fill-quantities. The software was highly accurate in its quantity calculations for road cross sections.
  • Using Bentley MXROAD reduced the time to generate the triangulation from grid contour data and the time to prepare alignment options by 50%.