• Answer Ingeniería

    Edificio Libertad Romero

    Santiago, Chile

Project Summary


This 21,000-square-meter commercial complex in Santiago, Chile, includes a shopping mall, restaurant, conference center, and hotel. It is part of a plan to revitalize this sector as a business hub. Built in an historic area with height restrictions, the USD 36 million complex features two underground parking levels and three aboveground structures of varying height. Reinforcing and protecting the buildings posed a challenge, as did working with irregular terrain, street setbacks, and shadowing.


To make the best use of the buildable area within this parcel, Answer Ingeniería developed an integrated model of the complex using Bentley software. The structural model helped the project team visualize the building in three volumes, analyze underground and aboveground structures separately, and retrieve correct data for each individual diaphragm. Comparing results of separate and integrated analyses confirmed that the design approach was sound.


Located in a predominantly Chinese district, Edificio Libertad Romero was designed to become a locus of business and commerce between Chile and China. Answer Ingeniería worked with the owner to incorporate sustainable design features such as energy-efficient material, heating, and lighting, as well as rain water storage for use in irrigation. The project team also reduced resource utilization, with an optimal design that trimmed 3.7 percent off the cost of concrete.


RAM Elements, Bentley’s 3D structural analysis and design software, allowed the engineers to quickly develop structural details and generate an integrated model that included models for each of the three buildings. This helped optimize the design of the reinforced concrete structure in accordance with Chile’s specifications while reducing concrete costs. Overall, using Bentley software allowed the project team to work more efficiently, resulting in a 17 percent reduction in resource hours.

Project Playbook: RAM Elements

  • The project team developed an integrated model of three structures to coordinate design and analyze loading conditions.
  • RAM Elements supported international and country-specific standards and specifications, and conformed seismic loads to relevant building codes.
  • The optimized design of this reinforced concrete structure cut concrete costs by 3.7 percent.
  • Using Bentley software reduced Answer Ingeniería’s design time by 17 percent.
  • “Bentley solutions allowed us to work more efficiency, saving significant resource hours and materials.”

    Manuel Robles Romero Structural Project Manager Answer Ingeniería