Águas do Porto

is Going Digital with Bentley

Águas do Porto improved the entire urban water cycle in the city of Porto, Portugal by commissioning a smart water management platform (digital twin) called H2Porto based on Bentley applications. By unifying the data produced by formerly siloed systems, AdP has improved the accuracy of the data produced from sensor readings to nearly 99%.

What was the outcome?

  • Water service interruptions fell by 22.9%
  • Number of sewer collapses decreased by 54%
  • Repairs for pipe burst and sewer and service connections improved by 8.3% and 45.5%
  • Volume of non-revenue water dropped by 3.5%
  • Integration of real-time data and producing information available to teams in the field produced operational gains of 23%
  • Remote access to H2PORTO allowed technicians to update digital twin information while in the field, resulting in operational gains of 23%

What products were used?

OpenFlows WaterGEMS
OpenFlows SewerGEMS
OpenFlows FLOOD

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Get insights and respond to water distribution operations in real time.

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Porto Porto Porto

“H2PORTO is an important catalyst for the digital transformation supporting changes in people, process, and technology and most importantly, helps us with operational mobility and the provision of information in real time on any device.”

Pedro Vieira

IT and Innovation Director, Águas do Porto

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