AssetWise ALIM

The Foundation of Your Digital Twin

Manage, control, and trust all your information throughout the whole asset lifecycle

Manage, control, and trust your information throughout the whole asset lifecycle

Providing information accuracy and accessibility every time 


Change and Configuration Management

Information Audits

Record, track, and see the impact of change via robusts audit trail for structured and unstructured information across the organization.

Management of Change

Identify missing or incorrect data of any type and drive workflows to update it promptly. Manage configurations and ensure that they conform to requirements. 

Data Aggregation and Tag Alignment

Aggregate underlying engineering and asset information, align tag registries from your different systems.


Digital Twin Integration

Operate within the Digital Twin

Easily access and visualize information for remote collaboration, training, simulation, familiarization, site inductions, permit to work, and lockout/tagout. Visualize locations and monitor asset health.

Immersive Visualization

Go visual by incorporating 1D, 2D, and 3D models into a web portal view, for all to see.  Take action from the digital twin.

Connected Environment

Link asset information to models, IoT data, geospatial information, and design information for a complete picture of all your assets in context.


Data Validation

Data Cleanup

Validate data against defined specifications to ensure completeness, accuracy, and consistency.

Source Comparison

Compare data across different silos and resolve any issues, ensuring a single source of trusted  information.

Data Consistency

Ensure the accuracy and validity of data over the complete lifecycle. Identify and retain the context of information and its relationships.