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    Keeyask 水力发电站项目




马尼托巴水电部聘请 Hatch 公司设计 695 兆瓦的 Keeyask 水力发电站作为一种可再生能源,以增加加拿大的供电量并满足出口销售合同需要。当这一超大型项目进展到详细工程设计阶段时,Hatch 团队发现迫切需要为发电站复杂的混凝土结构和周边基础设施制作基于三维数据的模型、规范和施工图。为了自动执行必要的检查,以减少模板、钢筋和嵌入元素之间的冲突,并简化各种现场工程,Hatch 需要采用集成的协同式 BIM 方法。


Hatch 结合使用 ProConcrete 和其他 Bentley 产品,创建了一个跨所有专业的三维协同模型,从而在从早期承包商参与 (ECI) 到设计阶段的过程中提高设计协同和可视化。Hatch 为混凝土结构生成了准确的三维钢筋模型并自动执行冲突检测,以在制造和施工之前发现冲突。Hatch 使用了 ProjectWise 和装有 Bentley 移动应用程序的 iPad,来加快办事处与远程项目现场之间的信息共享。


使用 Bentley 的集成 BIM 流程,确保了准确的三维建模、自动化和加快的项目交付、优化了协作和信息移动化、降低了项目成本、缩短了交付时间,并能够更快地解决制造和施工问题。Bentley 的建模软件有助于确定 离散混凝土浇注、钢筋放置和土方工程的精确位置,以显著提高工程模型的准确性。这最大限度地减少了数量估算相关风险并增强了现场决策力。


ProConcrete 帮助解决了模型中的复杂形状,以强化钢筋设计,并在 ECI 期间用于缩短详图审批周期。Bentley 的协同式数据互用三维建模工具包括 AECOsim、Bentley Navigator、Bentley Raceway and Cable Management、gINT、InRoads、MicroStation 以及 Bentley 移动应用程序,提高了所有利益相关方的设计协同和可视化,实现了可交付成果的自动生成,并生成了准确的模型和物料清单,减少了人工协调工作。

  • Hatch used Bentley’s BIM processes to design Manitoba Hydro’s 695-megawatt Keeyask Generating Station, which will provide renewable hydroelectric energy to approximately 400,000 homes annually and income to the Canadian province through export sales.
  • ProConcrete allowed Hatch to develop a process to place rebar along the complex shapes of the hydroelectric concrete structure and generate standard rebar schedules and drawings, minimizing manual design and checking times.
  • Bentley’s 3D modeling tools ensured accurate design of concrete reinforcing and automated clash detection throughout the project lifecycle, accelerating resolution of fabrication and construction issues.
  • Using Bentley’s collaborative, interoperable modeling software and mobile applications as part of the early contractor involvement (ECI) process optimized information sharing. This enabled timely and accurate design changes to enhance construction planning and reduce overall project costs.
  • “The drive to use more sophisticated tools in rebar design has been limited in part due to the minimal complexity of rebar design in foundations and plinths and low-cost third parties. ProConcrete handles parametric standard rebar requirements quite well and can automate this process considerably. However, the complex shapes and sheer complexity of rebar placement in hydro projects makes the design process more labor intensive with significant manual design checking required. This manual effort can reduce the effectiveness of project collaboration. By enabling Bentley 3D modeling, all participants benefited from increased information quality.”

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