• Hanson Professional Services Inc.

    I-74 Mississippi River Crossing Corridor

    Davenport and Moline, Iowa and Illinois, United States

Project Summary

I-74 Mississippi River Crossing Corridor project involves the construction of a new Mississippi River Bridge connecting Moline, Illinois, with Bettendorf, Iowa, and the reconstruction of interstate, ramps and local roads. This massive project would involve a team consisting of two state Departments of Transportation, 10 consultant firms, and 10 state and local agencies. To control the massive number of documents involved, the request for proposal stated that the design and engineering firm had to provide a web-accessible document management system.

Hundreds of team members would need to access this system and share documents simultaneously, so Hanson Professional Services Inc. was asked to develop and coordinate a document-management software given their previous successes with ProjectWise. Hanson experts used their knowledge of Bentley’s products — including ProjectWise Web Parts — to link ProjectWise and Microsoft SharePoint, providing the project team with the ideal web-based portal to house the project documents.

Using ProjectWise with SharePoint, Hansen created a transparent, seamless system for managing 28,000 documents, streamlining communication among the 700-person project team, and providing a platform for accountability. People can also see the project’s progress and status and view all related documents. For example, consultants can see one another’s drawings, helping them make faster decisions. And state agencies can make timely comments so projects stay on track.

Using SharePoint as the entry point and ProjectWise for centralized document management, Hanson capitalized on the strengths of each software program — and provided a one-stop shop for the project team. To address training needs, Hanson developed a project-specific ProjectWise training manual, a SharePoint training manual and a list of frequently asked questions. Bentley also provided training for ProjectWise — introducing team members to the useful applications of this document-management system.
  • Hanson set up a system where more than 700 users across more than 20 organizations can efficiently share 28,000 documents using nominal storage space.
  • Using ProjectWise with SharePoint provided a convenient, cost-effective document-management system for a USD 1.4 billion project.