• China ENFI Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

    Qian Bayin Molybdenum Ore Selection in Mongolia

    Erdenetsagaan, Sükhbaatar, Mongolia

Project Summary

Mongolia Ruichi Resources Development retained China ENFI Engineering Technology (ENFI) to design the technological process and production facilities at its CNY 16 billion Qian Bayin Molybdenum ore mining operation in Sükhbaatar Province, Mongolia. This 1.23 million ton-per-annum mine covers 338.3 hectares. The project was ENFI’s first full application of 3D engineering design and delivery of a 3D information model.

Carrying out the design work in 2D would have presented many problems, such as inefficient production, long wait times for proposals, and misunderstanding of design intent among disciplines. ENFI used Bentley software to overcome these problems and popularize 3D design throughout the company. By using ProjectWise to centralize project management and information, ENFI enabled fully transparent and timely information sharing.

In just 12 months, 20 engineers and 20 3D drafters completed more than 200 3D design models of the mining facilities as well as crushing, grinding, sorting, and filtering operations. The models facilitated design review, extraction of engineering drawings, and animation of the whole process. The 3D fly-through of the plant and process model vividly demonstrated the design and logistic reasoning, providing the owner with intuitive project design results.

Adopting Bentley’s ProjectWise streamlined communication among the different disciplines and project stakeholders. The 3D design products used included MicroStation, OpenPlant Modeler, OpenPlant PID, AECOsim Building Designer, and GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite. These applications accelerated design review and approval, improved quality and efficiency, centralized document management, and unified design standards and specifications.
  • The collaborative, 3D engineering environment allowed upstream and downstream disciplines to make adjustments more efficiently. 
  • The 3D information model added value by providing an accurate representation of the mining operations and producing 2D drawings that were consistent with the 3D model.
  • The project displayed the strengths of 3D design vs. 2D design, encouraging colleagues at ENFI to learn the applications and workflows.