• Artelia Cyprus Limited

    Greater Nicosia Sanitary Sewerage Project

    Nicosia, Cyprus

Project Summary

In 2000 Nicosia, the capital of the Republic of Cyprus, initiated its first major sewerage project since 1974 with a massive infrastructure scheme that extended sewerage to the suburbs and 14 neighboring communities. Construction began in 2003 and the latest initiative is bringing more than 800 kilometers of sewer mains to previously developed areas and enabling usage of treated wastewater for irrigation.

Artelia Cyprus provided design services, prepared tender documents, and supervised construction on the EUR 129 million project. SewerCAD was used to optimize the networks and prepare bills of quantities. The software allowed team members working on different subcatchments to exchange data, constraints, and boundary conditions.

SewerCAD reduced design time by 15%, and optimizing the network reduced capital costs. In addition, the time necessary for preparation of final design and tender documents, including bill of quantities, was significantly reduced. During construction, modifications were able to be made more quickly. The finished sewerage system will allow all populations within the greater Nicosia area to be connected for the first time.

In addition to accelerating the design process, SewerCAD allowed the semi-automatic transfer of data on ground elevation from the digital terrain model to SewerCAD.
  • SewerCAD reduced design time by 15%, and optimizing the network reduced capital costs.
  • The scope of work included design and installation of 800 kilometers of sewer mains, 360 kilometers of house connections, seven underground pumping stations and associated force mains, and 25 kilometers of gravity sewers.
  • This project provided sewer connections to everyone within greater Nicosia and enabled treated wastewater to be used for irrigation in this arid country.