• Kano Laboratory, Waseda University, Obayashi Corporation

    Automated Recognition of Work Progress at a Construction Site

    Tokyo, Japan

Project Summary


Traditional methods of detailing the progress of construction projects are subjective by nature and susceptible to human error. The research team has been working to overcome this problem by developing an objective method for monitoring construction progress. Photogrammetry has provided the technological capability to accomplish this goal successfully.


The research team used Bentley’s ContextCapture to produce point-cloud data from the 3D photogrammetric reconstruction of a series of digital photos. By comparing point-cloud data with a 3D CAD model generated with MicroStation, the research team can measure work progress by identifying and comparing components installed during construction.


Using Bentley technology, the research team can automatically acquire a wide range of progress records based on objective data obtained from construction sites and use it to accurately determine work progress. As a result, decision makers can accurately assess work progress to date (for example, erection work progress for precast concrete components), enabling continuous evaluation of labor productivity and possible construction delays.


MicroStation 3D models together with ContextCapture are used to automatically acquire the work progress data, and MicroStation VBA is used to create an analysis system. ContextCapture acquires point-cloud data from construction site images captured by cameras installed on tower cranes. New point clouds (based on point-cloud data acquired along a timeline) are compared to three-dimensional CAD models, revealing insights into the actual work progress of mounted elements.

Project Playbook: MicroStation, ContextCapture

  • Using ContextCapture, the research team can automatically acquire a wide range of progress records based on objective data obtained at construction sites.
  • By comparing point clouds with 3D CAD models, the team can identify installed components and reliably determine construction progress.
  • Insights into construction progress can be used to take specific, early actions to improve labor productivity and proactively address potential delays in construction.
  • “MicroStation has tremendous capabilities and flexibility to customize the data handling and analysis for three-dimensional data collected from photos of construction sites, enabled with the use of VBA.”

    Dr. Naruo Kano Department of Architecture Waseda University