STAAD offers you expanded design, detailing, and drawing production features for steel and concrete structures. And, because every firm has different needs, STAAD is available in three flexible options: STAAD.Pro, STAAD.Pro Advanced, and Structural Enterprise. We have included some great new features in the latest version.

Generate steel plan and section drawings

Steel Autodrafter allows plan and section drawings to be generated for steel-framed structures directly from a STAAD.Pro model.

STAAD Generates Steel
Generate steel plan and section drawings

Automate concrete design workflow

You can automate design, detailed drawings, and documentation with the Advanced Concrete Design workflow for reinforced concrete structural elements, including beams, columns, walls, and foundations directly in STAAD.Pro Advanced.

STAAD Detailed Wall Drawing
Automate design, detailed drawings, and documentation.

Model concrete multi-story buildings

Perform fast, efficient modeling of multistory concrete buildings using automated physical modeling directly within STAAD.Pro.

STAAD Screenshot
Take advantage of automated physical modeling.

Updated design codes

With over 90 international design codes and national standards, STAAD is continuing to include the most recent updates. The latest version includes updates to the U.S., Indian, Australian, and Chinese codes.

PlantSight version compare
Ensure code compliance.

Install, update, and launch applications with ease

Use what you want, when you want it, with the premier suite of proven structural applications available in Structural Enterprise. Design in any infrastructure sector, with multiple materials, using any analysis method that is appropriate for the job. The new Structural Enterprise Hub allows users to install, update, and launch Structural Enterprise applications easier than ever before.

Install, update, and launch structural applications easier than ever before.

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