OpenUtilities Digital Twin Services allows you to model an integrated power grid using a digital twin, providing dynamic modeling for smarter grid planning and operations. Realize the benefits of a digital twin by converging data into a connected data environment, accelerating your digital advancement. We have included some great new features in the latest version.

Integrated view of the grid

Incorporate 3D model visualizations based on iModel.js. Leverage Bentley and non-Bentley CAD models, photogrammetry, point clouds, and GIS to improve contextual relevance and perform simulations. OpenUtilities now includes substation intelligent physical design, modeling, and electrical design for protection and control systems.

Grid Planning
Digital twins provide a dynamic modeling foundation to enable smarter grid planning and operations.

Data quality validation and scorecard

Validate data integrity through rule sets and analytical methods, as well as identify anomalies through machine learning. Apply and propose autocorrections based on rules.

Validate data
Validate data integrity, enable automated and manual corrections, and issue corrective actions.

Visual insights for decision support

Aggregate data from spatial and non-spatial sources to generate flexible graphs and dashboards, key performance indicators, and reports for in-depth analyses.

Communications Tower
Configure Power BI visuals in a digital twin canvas to capture and display in-depth analytics.

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