• ContextCapture Mobile


ContextCapture Mobile

使用 ContextCapture Mobile 简化和扩展项目,让团队中的每个人都能以实惠的价格轻松记录原情境,减少投入的时间和资源,并降低成本。

ContextCapture Mobile 使您能够使用手机或平板电脑拍摄的照片,利用 Bentley 的 ContextCapture 云处理服务快速创建和展示三维实景格网模型。您的实景建模数据将存储在 ProjectWise ContextShare 中,后者是一项可扩展 Bentley 的连接数据环境的云服务。实景模型可流式传输给 ProjectWise 用户,供其在设计、分析和施工建模工作流中使用。

请从 Apple Store or Google Play 下载 ContextCapture Mobile 应用。要访问 ContextCapture 云处理服务和所有其他实景建模云服务,需要订购实景建模 visa。

    • ContextCapture Mobile
  • Consume photos from various cameras

    • Use photos taken by your mobile phone or from other sensors and upload them to your smartphone or tablet. Take advantage of multiple image formats and supported metadata to create 3D models.
  • Generate 3D mesh models with ContextCapture Cloud Processing Service

    • Create cloud-based project with ContextCapture Mobile. Upload your data and produce 3D models using a range of traditional CAD formats like DGN, OBJ or FBX, as well as innovative multiresolution meshes like the Bentley open 3SM or 3MX to ensure that your models are accessible in your modeling environment.
  • Publish and view Web-ready models with the Reality Data Web Viewer

    • Produce models of any size that are optimized for web publishing and that can be viewed using a ContextShare’s reality data web viewer. It enables instant sharing and visualization of 3D models on the web.
ContextCapture Desktop
ContextCapture Cloud Processing Service
Quickly create 3D models with simple photos using the ContextCapture mobile app or desktop web-based console application. 
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ProjectWise ContextShare
ProjectWise ContextShare
Securely manage and share large amounts of reality modeling data. 
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Reality Modeling
Explore and analyze 3D reality meshes with ContextCapture Viewer
Get more data and value from your 3D reality meshes.
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