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项目密集型公司需要实时了解项目情报以制定项目战略决策。实现这一点的最佳方法是通过带有关键性能指标 (KPI) 和分析的交互仪表板使整个项目透明化。
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  • Automated reporting

    • Always have an updated view of design project performance and status. Enable more timely and informed management decisions. For example, if project managers need help identifying the current status of deliverable documents, they can easily view the overall issued and rejected documents and the documents workflow.
  • Best practices monitoring

    • Track and enforce adherence to best practices with a view of specific data laid out in configurable dashboards to meet your needs. Project leaders can leverage new perspectives and track digital behaviors to ensure good connected data environment adoption.
  • Near real-time analytics and trends

    • Access a data-rich view into the present, past, and even potentially future project performance. Get ahead of problems by tracking design effort progression and where attention and corrective measures are needed. For example, project managers can actively track the progression of designs from work-in-progress to approved, identifying and mitigating schedule risk.
2019 年 ACCELERATE ProjectWise
2019 年 5 月 8 日至 9 日

与我们一起在圣地亚哥,深入了解 ProjectWise 的发展方向,借助 Bentley 解决方案,推动”迈向数字化“的新功能和新发展。
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