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How BIM Managers Are Driving Consistent, Top-Quality Project Collaboration

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Your priority as a BIM manager is to drive faster, higher-quality collaboration across internal teams, suppliers, and subcontractors. To achieve this goal, you need to standardize BIM workflows, best practices, and project execution methods quickly and consistently across your projects.

But as project delivery evolves and your competitors find new ways to streamline how they collaborate across their projects, you don’t want to be left behind. Thankfully, there’s a way to ensure consistent and efficient design collaboration today.  

The Cost of Disjointed Processes

Consistent, proven workflows are the key to project success. Teams that collaborate using multiple platforms and file-sharing techniques often struggle with finding needed documents, conducting efficient design reviews, and avoiding increased errors and rework.

These disjointed workflows also make it difficult to consistently enforce BIM standards like ISO 19650 throughout the project lifecycle, opening the door to inconsistent project quality and contractual risk that make delivering successful projects that much more difficult.   

BIM Management Made Simple

We purpose-built our ProjectWise design collaboration solution for design projects like yours, so that you can bring your teams, information, and workflows together in a single, integrated environment.

Drive greater productivity by enabling your entire project team to work together in real-time. Access trusted and up-to-date information, collect and implement feedback, and review and approve contractual deliverables using simple, streamlined workflows.

Additionally, ProjectWise lets you automate the enforcement of BIM requirements and ISO standards in an environment created to support these methodologies. This helps you ensure consistency in your project delivery, accelerated project execution, and a reduction in contractual risk.

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As your competition evolves their way of working, it is more important than ever to ensure that your teams, information, and workflows are well-aligned throughout the project lifecycle – and we can help. 

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