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SACS Cloud Services

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Scenario Services for SACS Wind Turbine Analysis 
Achieve full design code compliance by considering all possible load scenarios in a fraction of the time it would take on your desktop. Using Scenario Services for SACS Wind Turbine, hundreds of load cases can be executed in parallel on the cloud. Achieve 10x or more time savings by leveraging the unlimited computing power of the cloud. stay connected wherever you go. 

Mobile Services 

Creating, responding, and addressing RFIs and construction related issues just got easier with Structural Navigator Mobile App. Designed to work on your phone or tablet and on all major platforms, access to your design models and data is available when and how you need it. Direct integration to ProjectWise Projects allow easy access to your managed project content and issues. Use Structural Navigator to easily view, edit, interrogate, and mark-up your 3D designs, and stay connected wherever you go. 
  • 扩展您的计算能力,将其延伸至桌面以外

    • 在最新版本云中,可应用高端硬件对大型和计算密集型模型展开分析,而不消耗您的桌面带宽。可以从您的云分析中下载完整的分析和设计输出,并在桌面进行详细的后期处理。
  • 大大缩短分析时间

    • 使用Azure云几乎无限的计算能力,并行运行数百个荷载工况,可能会将计算时间缩短10倍。在短时间内对所有必要的负载条件做全面分析,分析将在桌面或本地服务器上执行。
  • 应用移动设备查看、查询并标记结构三维模型

    • 使用缩放、旋转、平移、漫游和俯视图命令导航三维模型,查询所有属性值构件。轻松检查对象间的冲突,并添加带有状态、到期日、责任方及其他附加信息的标记。


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