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通过完整的按小时计算的始发地与目的地路程分析以及道路运输量分析,规划、设计、运营和维护运输系统,并利用大量交通分析数据制定业务决策。借助 Streetlytics,可以对整个流动人口有一个全面准确的了解,知道人们来自何方、去往何处、途经何地、何时出行、生活和工作的地点以及可能使用的方式。 

Streetlytics 可处理数十亿个 GPS、手机、联网汽车、蓝牙、票务、人口统计和地面实况数据点,绘制出美国和加拿大各地每个路段内容最丰富、最完整的人口流动图。 
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  • Superior Data Product

    • See spatial and temporal coverage, purpose and mode of travel, itineraries, home and demographic traveler data, and the volume and speed of travelers.
  • Conservation of Flow

    • Historically, traffic counts have been pulled from inconsistent samples and result in inconsistent data. Streetlytics eliminates this inconsistency.
  • Comprehensive Coverage of Data

    • A complete understanding of data helps you see the bigger picture. Save money and time when you know you have all the information the first time.
  • Data Integration Opportunities

    • Gain richer information and add value by integrating internal and external datasets based on traveler home locations.
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