• CUBE Dynasim

    Predictive Modeling and Simulation of Transportation

The only scenario-based microscopic traffic simulator

It can be easy to spot congestion, bottlenecks, and areas that could use some help. It can be harder to identify the best resolution. Regardless of the complexity of the traffic operations in your area, Citilabs’ CUBE Dynasim is there to help you recreate what you see on the street -- it is the most accurate method for modeling every detail of traffic operations. Once you’ve created a digital twin of the traffic problem, quickly test changes to identify the most effective ways to reduce congestion and delays as well as improve safety in your community.

The software realistically emulates the flows and interaction of the complete street, including:

  • Vehicles traveling through the area
  • Cars circulating and parking
  • Trucks making stops and deliveries
  • Motorcycles traveling with or working their way through the traffic
  • Buses, rail vehicles, and circulators making stops and preempting the traffic control as appropriate
  • Bicycles and pedestrians interacting with all the other vehicles and the environment

The layer-based network construction allows you to tweak and filter the simulation components such as performance metrics, summary reports, statistical analysis, and 2D and 3D animations to create unique network alternatives. CUBE Dynasim manages all aspects of the simulation project to give you the ability to easily build, manage, and run an unlimited number of simulation scenarios. For the best experience, iterate simulated delays from CUBE Dynasim with the advanced routing of CUBE Voyager and CUBE Avenue.

  • Simplified Simulation Scenarios

    • Mix and match network alternatives, signal timing plans, public transport routes and schedules, traffic counts, and flow profiles.
  • Thorough Parking Analysis

    • A dedicated extension to simulate parking, from very simple on-street parking spots to extremely large and complex parking structures.
  • Convenient Railway Simulations

    • A dedicated extension to simulate railways, specifically built for the simulation of extremely complex railways, ports, and logistic nodes.