• Bentley OpenFlows FLOOD



OpenFlows FLOOD 是一款全面的洪水模拟软件,用于认识和减轻城市、河流和沿海系统中的洪水风险。OpenFlows FLOOD 使用完全空间分布式数字模型来模拟在河流流域中发生的所有水文和水力流程,包括降雨、渗漏、地表径流、渠道流量和地下水流量。在城市区域,OpenFlows FLOOD 可以连接到 SewerGEMS 生成的模型,以模拟地表和雨水流量。另外,模型可以用于模拟沿海地区由于风暴涌流而造成的洪水。
  • 分析洪水淹没区和水灾风险

    • 根据水柱高度和峰值流速,轻松计算水灾区域范围,并评估水灾风险。
  • 建立和管理水力模型

    • 快速启动模型构建流程并有效管理模型,以便您集中精力制定最佳工程决策。利用并导入许多常用的外部数据格式,最大限度提高地理信息和工程数据的投资回报,并且自动生成输入数据。
  • Produce visually appealing animations

    • Explore and present your model results using a wide range of integrated visualization capabilities, including the option to make smooth, continuous animations of the obtained results.
  • Set up scenario management

    • OpenFlows FLOOD allows you to create new scenarios and make comparisons among different alternatives. This allows you to rapidly find the best solution for flood risk mitigation.
  • Simulate river flows

    • OpenFlows FLOOD allows you to calculate river flow using kinematic, dynamic, and diffusion wave approaches. It simulates the exchange of water between the river flow and (sub)surface flow based on hydraulic gradients and contains capabilities to estimate the drainage network from topographic maps and to interpolate cross sections in space.
  • Simulate surface runoff

    • MOHID Land offers different methods to route surface runoff, including kinematic, dynamic, and diffusion wave approaches, using a fully distributed 2D grid with an optional 1D grid. Water from surface runoff can infiltrate, enter into a river, or evaporate. OpenFlows FLOOD contains capabilities to prepare spatial data required to calculate surface runoff. For example, the application estimates Manning’s coefficients from land use maps.
  • Simulate urban floods

    • OpenFlows FLOOD allows you to simulate flooding in urban areas by connecting the overland module to a SewerGEMS model. It simulates the exchange of water between the pipe flow and surface flow based on hydraulic gradients through inlets and manholes.
  • Work in a visual rich environment

    • OpenFlows FLOOD has an integrated GIS engine that allows you to open, edit, and visualize all kinds of data files that the model needs. Layers can be styled in multiple ways.