• PLAXIS 2D Thermal

    A revolution in thermal and geotechnical modeling

2D Geotechnical Thermal Modeling Software

Integrate thermal analysis seamlessly with PLAXIS 2D Thermal add-on module. PLAXIS is equipped with specialized capabilities to deal with changing soil properties due to temperature change, enabling engineers to anticipate and react to potential stability issues, such as foundation challenges in arctic areas. When the effects of heat flow on the hydraulic and the mechanical behavior of soils and structures need to be taken into account in geotechnical designs, you can count on PLAXIS. Perform full thermal-hydro-mechanical coupled analysis by taking advantage of the PLAXIS 2D PlaxFlow module as well.

  • 分析热载荷引起的应力旋转

    • 分析由于温度变化导致的位移或应力旋转。当土壤温度变化导致热应力时,需要在热载荷和机械过程之间耦合。通航船闸由于阳光照射导致变形就是其中的一个例子。
  • 优化地面冻结设计

    • 不管地面冻结是人工用于稳定薄弱地面还是自然的,您都可以通过在各种边界条件下研究地下水流速与冻结管温度之间的复杂相互作用,以及它们对冰墙形成的影响。