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使用 SignCAD,可以快速设计出符合联邦和州/省新标准的准确交通标志。设计和定义面板、路线标记、箭头、文本、图形及布局,可以在编辑时保持线形和间距。SignCAD 简化了不同规模的项目的设计创建过程,包括绕道、车道管制、路标以及分多个阶段和时段完成的重大高速公路项目。

SignCAD 的强大功能(例如真正自动化的尺寸标注、智能对象和动态面板)可以快速创建和优化新的交通标志。您随时可以查阅统一交通管制设备手册 (MUTCD)——不仅仅可用作参考,还可用作自动设计交通标志时的电子版标准。

  • 通过自动布局精调设计并更新现有的道路交通标志
  • 使用自动尺寸标注可节省数小时设计时间
  • 使用内置的标准表格可减少审查时间并得出准确的结果
  • 通过在 MicroStation 中公开标志设计促进项目协作
  • 使用内置的 MUTCD、州/省和联邦标准,通过简单自动的操作减少枯燥乏味的工作
  • 通过将标志设计直接传输到制造和绘图设备可以最大程度地减少返工
  • Access standard objects, signs, and tools

    • SignCAD includes state, federal, and MUTCD standards, road signs, and objects. Users can add their own standards and custom signs for their design. Design objects like route markers, arrows, symbols, panels, borders, lines, and fonts are defined by standard templates, ensuring that smart objects are created to respective standards.
  • Design custom traffic signs

    • Layout dimensions can be manually customized so that, even with automation, users can fully control the appearance of their signs, allowing for fine tuning of the design. SignCAD will maintain the alignment and spacing as you edit.
  • Comply with state and federal signage standards

    • State and federal standards for traffic signs, layouts, and specifications are built into the software. Quickly and easily implement built-in standards for all your designs included in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).
  • 导入或扫描影像以创建图形

    • 您可以使用 SignCAD 轻松导入或扫描任何图像来创建新设计,并将多个对象组合到新对象中,将它们集成到标志库中。
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