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OpenSite Designer 是一款全新的应用软件,利用综合的建模环境实现从概念到竣工的场地设计项目交付。该应用软件提供完整详细的设计功能,可实现快速的场地建模和分析、土方优化和量化、排水和地下设施以及自动化项目交付成果等。
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  • 访问制造组件

    • 访问组件中心(Component Center), 这套云服务支持快速访问,并且更加一致的使用制造组件、机构或项目具体内容和标准。通过多领域项目团队在特定应用与产业中使用参数化组件,同时支持人员之间的知识共享,使整个资产生命周期的组件信息持续性。
  • 自动出图

    • 使用文档中心来自动生产高质量图纸,包括与整体项目一致的多领域文档设置。在图纸定位中获得项目的实时视图。一旦设计改变,图纸也会随之改变。直接在图纸中编辑,OpenRoads Designer将更新源几何图形。
  • Automate parcel layout and grading

    • Automate parcel layout and grading to analyze feasibility of building placement and size for commercial and residential site development. Create cul-de-sacs, knuckles, and flag parcels. Easily adjust lots to meet local zoning and client requirements. Have the ability to detail individual lot grading plans to meet proper drainage flow. Use automated grading to help identify project risk associated with earthworks. Revise grading plan as needed based on negative earthwork conditions.
  • Conceptualize and Detail Site Designs

    • Quickly create, revise, and optimize multiple design scenarios for commercial, industrial, and campus projects. Conceptualize and detail parking lots, streets, sidewalks, buildings pads, and other design features using auto-drawing capabilities and interactive 3D modeling.
  • 在空间环境中设计

    • 清楚地了解现有条件,轻松地使图像,点云,三维实景网格与设计和建筑模型成一体,加速设计建模工作流。 集成的地理空间信息保证模型精确的地理定位。
  • 在土木工程设计中引入第三方模型

    • 在设计项目中使用第三方模型,确保实时实地参考模型。从 Trimble SketchUp 中导入模型以在拟建环境中轻松查看整体模型。
  • 对整个雨水和污水管网进行建模、分析和设计

    • 创建、操纵、设计和分析与您的公路设计完全集成的雨水和污水管网。您可以操纵平面图或剖面图视图中的管网,不仅显示排放系统模型,还显示其他公用设施。
  • Optimize Earthwork

    • Employ a highly advanced optimization engine for earthwork allowing designers to quickly and easily explore alternatives. The grading solver runs thousands of iterations based on designer-defined constraints for each site layout to find the best cost of construction. Differing design scenarios can be evaluated, design changes can be implemented, and critical grading elements such as walls and berms can be dynamically evaluated for cost.
  • Optimize Site Layout

    • Simplify site layouts with designer-defined parametric drawing capabilities of parking lots, buildings, drives, and walkways. Intelligent site layout offers iterative and dynamic interaction of key design components across the project, dramatically speeding up the design process and allowing designers to focus on engineering and efficiency. Design changes, whether exploring alternatives or addressing client feedback, are fast and easy due to the dynamic interaction of elements. Quickly re-position buildings, modify parking areas, and add drives and walks all while evaluating the results and responding to project stakeholder feedback.
  • 进行设计时间分析

    • 通过设计时间分析确保深入了解整体项目绩效,以获得各种分析的最优设计结果,如对排放系统、地形、安全性、坡度、现场可见性、滑水的分析。
  • 复用常用设计布置

    • 使用土木工程单元确保实施标准、提高设计质量并消除重复设计通用配置的需要。如果您可以设计,土木工程单元就可以处理。对土木工程单元的简洁性和复杂度没有限制。
  • Subdivide existing parcels

    • Manually subdivide a parcel into multiple parcels for right-of-way acquisition. Quickly understand the impact of proposed right-of-way locations to help understand the feasibility of multiple roadway alignments.
  • Support BIM workflows

    • Export digital deliverables, including IFC, to support industry BIM workflows. Use Asset Manager to include component attribution for a more efficient, data-rich BIM deliverable. Advance your BIM workflows in a digital twin authoring environment while supporting the creation of all traditional and digital design deliverables.
  • 可视化设计

    • 借助约束驱动的模板、上下文敏感的直观界面和动态三维建模工具体验实时设计。在建模工作流中按需随时将设计可视化。无需执行转换、软件或特殊工作流流程。
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