• SUPERLOAD Restriction Manager

    Stay informed of changing road and bridge conditions

Roadway Network Restriction Software

With SUPERLOAD Restriction Manager you can apply restriction information to the roadway network while conducting individual permit trip analysis. As a vital part of your overall OS/OW routing solution, SUPERLOAD Restriction Manager helps you manage restriction events, from full route closure to limited access and route advisories. Augment your infrastructure project planning, notification, and construction management. You can share data with other agency systems and if changing conditions affect an issued permit, SUPERLOAD Restriction Manager automatically notifies the permit requester and the agency.
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  • 遵循交通运输规则和条例

    • 遵循交通运输规则和条例及政府或机构报告要求。节省时间、提高效率、降低成本,同时确保安全。
  • 管理和发放超大和超重车辆许可

    • 通过用于发放许可的自动管理系统和在线获取超大/超重 (OS/OW) 许可的简单方式管理和发放超大和超重车辆许可。
  • 管理限制活动

    • 管理公路网络中的限制活动,从全线封闭到限行及路线公告。随时了解不断变化的影响未完成许可的道路和桥梁限制情况,并自动分配公路限制。


SUPERLOAD Bridge Analysis
This webinar will discuss the challenges of conducting live-load bridge analysis and how SUPERLOAD Bridge Analysis can automate the analysis of every structure encountered on a permit trip.