• GotPermits

    Multi-state oversize/overweight vehicle permitting

Multi-state Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Permit Software

GotPermits provides an online permit application system for oversize/overweight vehicles by participating state systems. You can save time and increase efficiency by entering only the specific information needed by relevant states to obtain multi-state permits and routing to resolve cross-boundary issues. The software’s uniform processing not only simplifies data entry but also ensures you conform to all state laws, routing requirements, and processes.
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  • 遵循交通运输规则和条例

    • 遵循交通运输规则和条例及政府或机构报告要求。节省时间、提高效率、降低成本,同时确保安全。
  • 管理和发放超大和超重车辆许可

    • 通过用于发放许可的自动管理系统和在线获取超大/超重 (OS/OW) 许可的简单方式管理和发放超大和超重车辆许可。
  • 执行实时路线验证

    • 根据通行车辆的大小/重量以及指定路线的限制和状况执行实时路线验证。减少时间、优化路线并提升超大/超重型车辆的选路效率。