Pipe Stress Analysis and Design Software

Ensure high quality, cost-effective designs, and a smooth workflow.

Model, Analyze, and Visualize Pipe Stress

Improve efficiency with object-oriented “point-and-click” interactive modeling. Save time and improve consistency due to AutoPIPE’s robust integration with all major intelligent 3D CAD systems. Rapidly set up, analyze, and visualize results for various loading scenarios, including thermal, seismic, wind, and dynamic (response spectra) load cases.

Check Structural Interoperability and Pipe Stress Clashes

Improve model accuracy and better represent real life plants by including the support structural stiffness in the piping model and exchange the support reaction loads to STAAD.Pro. Analyze any static or dynamic loading condition applied to piping and structures and determine the pipe stress operational displacements and clash check them against the entire plant model.

Comply with Industry Codes and Standards

Ensure your projects comply with major American (ASME) and European (EN) metallic piping codes. The software includes API, NEMA, ANSI, ASCE, AISC, UBC, ISO, and WRC guidelines and design load limits. AutoPIPE offers easily accessible, built-in ASME B31J flexibility and stress intensification factor calculations with a simple checkbox.



AutoPIPE software being used for pipe stress analysis

GE Water & Process Technologies

“Seamless software integration from AutoPIPE and STAAD contributed to a shortened product qualification process, saving 60% of the analysis and design cycle time. The software also helped us to coordinate with design teams on final assembly, fabrication, and production, and enabled the timely market launch of the product.”


Comprehensive and Advanced Software for Pipe Stress

Increase productivity and improve quality control with an intuitive modeling environment and advanced analysis capabilities

Optimize Supports with AutoPIPE Advanced

See how to effectively support loading points with AutoPIPE Advanced

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