• Bentley Institute Product Training Partners

Bentley Institute Product Training Partners

Bentley Institute Product Training Partners are highly qualified to deliver learning opportunities on Bentley’s solutions, for industry and academic users in their designated territory. Product Training Partners provide continuous learning opportunities for professionals, supporting career growth and adaptability to the changing needs of their organization and industry. Product Training Partners also help prepare students with the technology skills needed by industry, so they are better equipped for careers as the world’s future infrastructure professionals.
  • “Bentley 渠道合作伙伴计划对我们的合作伙伴和 Bentley 来说是一次巨大的商机。它让我们的合作伙伴能够利用我们的可持续基础设施软件扩大他们的产品组合。它可以帮助 Bentley 继续扩大用户解决方案和服务的生态系统。我们的合作伙伴是由 Bentley 根据其在 Bentley 基础设施解决方案服务群体方面的专业技能和专营领域进行授权,在不同用户群体间提供差异化服务。目前,我们正在招募高素质的企业加入我们的计划,欢迎全球潜在的合作伙伴来电垂询”。

    Greg Bentley 首席执行官 Bentley Systems, Incorporated
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