• iTwin Services

    Digital Twin Cloud Services for Infrastructure Engineering

Realizing the Potential of Infrastructure Digital Twins—Powered by iModelHub

Infrastructure asset owners are recognizing the potential for leveraging digital twins in many use cases, including the application of analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) in simulations and decision support throughout design, construction, and operations. The challenge is that infrastructure projects involve many collaborating disciplines with distributed teams making thousands of asynchronous decisions and changes. To realize the potential of digital twins, there must be practical solutions for aligning disparate data within digital twins and synchronizing changes to actual conditions in the real world.

Bentley’s iTwin Services, powered by iModelHub, provide a new paradigm for aligning digital components and managing change within digital twins for infrastructure.


Combine information from many sourcesCAD files, BIM files, databases, schematics, and spreadsheetsas consistently understood digital components.


Leverage change as a first-class concept. Knowing who changed what and when adds a new dimension through a timeline of change.


Provide infinite scalability and connectivity for a multitude of use cases and unlimited users. An open-source JavaScript library (iModel.js) is available to tailor digital twins to meet a project’s unique specifications.

iModel.js Open-source JavaScript Library

Create immersive connections to infrastructure digital twins.