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Digital Advancement Academies

Digital Advancement Academies

Thought Leadership, Best Practices, and Onboarding

Bentley Institute partners with industry organizations, design-build firms, and owner-operators to advance project delivery and asset lifecycle best practices through the Digital Advancement Academies.

Digital Advancement Academies ensure the latest knowledge is shared and exchanged with industry, creating a lasting legacy that benefits society. Educating and onboarding owner-operators, contractors, and the supply chain involved in the creation and operation of assets helps ensure all collaborators fully understand the digital processes, standards, and deliverables necessary for successful project outcomes. In this way, Digital Advancement Academies act as catalysts to support and align the people, processes, and technology behind the significant benefits of going digital.

With their process-focused approach, the Digital Advancement Academies allow groups to meet in a neutral space to define desired outcomes—and, crucially, discuss why those outcomes matter. The Academies setting encourages industry leaders to collaborate and share their expertise and experience. As a result, they better understand how to apply and deliver digital processes, with communication that leverages each team member’s contribution, to achieve expected outcomes.

Upcoming Academy Sessions

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