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Bentley Has Your Back

Bentley Has Your Back

Working Remotely

We recognize that COVID-19 is likely imposing challenges on how you and your organization get work done during periods of mass remote working and social distancing. Please know that Bentley software is well geared to supporting work in a globally dispersed environment that can span many different offices and thousands of home-based workers.

On this page, you will find FAQs with useful information on licensing, application use in the home and out-of-office locations, and supporting distributed teams with ProjectWise. We have also provided a way for you to submit other questions you may have.

You will also find additional technical information and resources on Bentley Communities. Your application users will find helpful information there from both Bentley and other participating users. You will also find additional technical resources for ProjectWise on Bentley Communities. 

You should also know that Bentley service and support teams are working “business-as-usual”. Our systems and tools enable our entire workforce to work remotely, and we can manage and maintain our hosted environments remotely as well.

We are here to help.

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Working from Home

We are here to support you as you pivot to remote and distributed workflows.

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Working Remotely

Ensure work continues uninterrupted with access to Bentley software.

Work Remotely with ProjectWise

Are your users transitioning from a corporate office to their home office? Watch the video to learn what ProjectWise Administrators need to consider.
Read the FAQ to learn the best practices for ProjectWise Administrators and/or IT personnel to get remote ProjectWise users connected.