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Offshore Platform Digital Integration

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Offshore Platform Digital Integration

Accelerate Offshore Project Delivery

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Revolutionizing Deepwater Infrastructure Delivery

Drive a step change in offshore project delivery from early-phase conceptual design to handover and operations by optimizing workflows and applying digital twin technology. On large and complex energy production projects, owner-operators and engineering firms can use iTwin Experience to visualize and integrate multisource data and collaborate easier with multiple stakeholders.

Collaborate Effectively

Access vital information and swiftly share it with your diverse project team.

Minimize Project Risk

Ensure data availability at every stage to minimize time and cost overruns.

Deliver on Time

Speed up the project lifecycle from early-phase design to handover and operations.



Boost workflow efficiency by finding information 50% faster

All-in-One Solutions Every Step of the Way


Concept Phase

Define the high-level project goals and objectives.


Design Phase

Develop detailed plans and specifications for the digital integration.


Construct Phase

Implement the digital integration solutions on the offshore platform.


Handover Phase

Transition the fully integrated platform to the operational team.

offshore platform digital integration black icon with birds

Charting a Smarter Course

Accelerate time to value

Bentley Systems’ offshore platform digital integration offers a one-stop portal for engineering and asset data, ensuring stakeholders see their subsea and topsides assets clearly.

Fueling the Future

By driving cost efficiency, providing new and faster revenue opportunities, and changing business models, digital technologies have the potential to redefine the oil and gas industry.

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