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Total Population Movement

Streetlytics’ data analytics enables users to make confident decisions to mitigate risk and increase revenue by leveraging transportation digital twins.

Citilabs’ Streetlytics enhances digital twins by adding a movement dimension based on six types of data: volumes, speeds, origin-destination, home locations, pedestrians, and routes. Streetlytics is currently used to solve previously unsolvable problems in industries such as transportation planning and operations, air quality, out-of-home advertising, insurance, and real estate.

WHAT IS Streetlytics?

Streetlytics help to measures and scales billions of observed trips to provide detailed analytics of today’s travel from place to place for every road segment in the United States and Canada.

Our analytics engine is fueled by multiple data sources, including: 

  • Billions of GPS data points from mobile devices and connected cars
  • Comprehensive demographic and employment data by neighborhood
  • More than 2 million observed traffic counts
  • An accurate digital representation of the multimodal transportation network, currently trusted by the automotive industry to support autonomous vehicle navigation

How to get started:

  • Tell us about the challenges you are encountering
  • We’ll leverage numerous data sources within the Streetlytics platform and provide the comprehensive data you need
  • Your decisions will become clear and you can proceed confidently

Many industries benefit from Streetlytics including:

  • Government: design and maintain safe, sustainable, and efficient transportation systems
  • Advertising: optimize ad targeting strategies, including where, what, and when they post (Streetlytics currently powers the official audience measurement system for the out-of-home advertising market in the USA and Canada)
  • Auto Insurance: analyze client travel patterns and locations as a part of their risk analysis, plus assess and quantify risk for each road segment traversed in MaaS applications
  • Real estate: aid in site selection and store product mix to optimize revenues
  • Mobility: gain an understanding of the changing demands for transportation
  • Logistics: produce accurate predictions of future traffic conditions for more accurate ETAs

Superior Data Product

See spatial and temporal coverage, purpose and mode of travel, itineraries, home and demographic traveler data, and the volume and speed of travelers.

Conservation of Flow

Historically, traffic counts have been pulled from inconsistent samples and result in inconsistent data. Streetlytics eliminates this inconsistency.

Comprehensive Coverage of Data

A complete understanding of data helps you see the bigger picture. Save money and time when you know you have all the information the first time.

Multiple Independent Data Sources

​A diversified solution providing increased validity, increased confidence, and inherently more robust than traditional data sources.

Data Integration Opportunities

Gain richer information and add value by integrating internal and external datasets based on traveler home locations.


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