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Software By Product Category
  • Asset Performance (14)
  • Bridge Design (3)
  • Building Design (3)
  • CAD Modeling and Visualization (9)
  • Construction Management (3)
  • Digital Twins (9)
  • Geotechnical Engineering (9)
  • Hydraulics and Hydrology (12)
  • Mine Design (3)
  • Mobility Simulation (6)
  • Offshore Structural Analysis (7)
  • Pipe Stress and Vessel Analysis (2)
  • Plant Design (7)
  • Project Delivery (4)
  • Rail Design (4)
  • Reality and Spatial Modeling (12)
  • Roads and Site Design (5)
  • Structural Analysis and Detailing (18)
  • Utility and Communication Networks (19)

OpenSite Designer is a comprehensive site design application for rapid modeling and analysis of site design projects that supersedes all capabilities previously delivered through Bentley PowerCivil, GEOPAK Site, InRoads Site, MXSite, and Bentley topoGRAPH.

EMME is a complete transportation forecasting system for planning the urban, regional and national movement of people.

Improve plant design and operations with fast, intelligent, and accurate P&IDs you can share across your project using the ISO 15926 open data schema.

PlantSight fetches data from multiple 3D models including reality meshes in one portal view, allowing rapid access to information.

Identify failure mechanisms from a range of dynamic events including pushover, ship impact, dropped object, and blast analysis.