• Jacobs and Bouygues Civil Works Florida

    Port of Miami Tunnel and Access Improvements

    Miami, Florida, United States

Project Summary

For more than 20 years, the Florida Department of Transportation studied the feasibility of a tunnel connecting the Miami-area highway system to Port of Miami, one of the busiest ports in the United States. This first-of-its kind project in Florida not only had unique tunneling and geology challenges but also faced numerous site constraints. Advances in tunneling technology and the joint effort of experienced engineers from the United States and Europe proved to be the key success drivers on this USD 1.2 billion project.

ProjectWise was used to enhance collaboration and enable information exchange among the many teams and disciplines working to plan, design, and construct the tunnel. The design teams used Bentley’s flexible 3D design modeling software, GEOPAK, LEAP, and STAAD, to meet all project requirements, while overcoming the many site constraints and maintaining overall bridge aesthetics and features.

Completed on time and budget in August 2014, the 42.3-foot-diameter, 4,200-foot-long, two-lane highway tunnels underneath the shipping channel in Biscayne Bay, connecting the Port of Miami directly to surrounding highway systems. This alleviates traffic congestion, improving quality of life, and promoting development in downtown Miami. Bentley solutions delivered a high return on innovation and allowed the user to produce the most cost-efficient solution while avoiding unnecessary and costly redesigns.

ProjectWise was used to exchange information not only among the design teams, but also among the construction teams – enabling work sharing, content reuse, and real-time feedback. The design teams used MicroStation, Power GEOPAK, LEAP, and STAAD. Bentley’s flexible software allowed the design team to produce the most cost-efficient solution while avoiding costly redesigns.
  • The tunnels underneath the shipping channel in Biscayne Bay are notable as the first large-diameter tunnels constructed through Florida’s challenging carbonate sedimentary strata.
  • ProjectWise provided a secure environment for all design data, enabling work-sharing, content re-use, and dynamic feedback.