OpenBuildings Station Designer

Redefine station design with OpenBuildings Station Designer, a multidiscipline rail station design and pedestrian simulation software. Take advantage of LEGION Model Builder to prepare pedestrian simulation scenarios for spaces and people movement while iterating station design and operations. Here is what’s new in OpenBuildings Station Designer.

Use pedestrian model prep workflow and drawing wizard

The new workflow and drawing composition wizard helps users prepare 2D drawings (in dgn, dwg, and/or dxf format) or 3D models (iModel, including Revit, or IFC) as an input to LEGION Model Builder. Use a focused set of capabilities to assist in identifying project sources and composing them into a LEGION Model Builder-ready composition for pedestrian simulation.

Pedestrian Model Drawing Wizard
Build pedestrian models quickly with drawing wizard.

Model scenarios for boarding and alighting transport services

Streamline the process of modeling transport services in LEGION with this new feature. Model boarding and alighting situations in multiple transport scenarios, including trains at platforms, or trams and buses at stops. Model scenarios are designed to simplify workflow and save time.

Streamline boarding and alighting conditions for multiple transport scenarios
Streamline boarding and alighting conditions for multiple transport scenarios.

Speed the design process with ready-to-use equipment catalogs

Use available workset with functional space definitions and a catalog of design components to accelerate station design. Take advantage of the equipment catalog (e.g. ticket kiosks, gate turnstiles, passenger information displays) for accurate space planning.

Equpiment Catalog
Use available equipment catalog to accelerate station design.

Use GenerativeComponents design templates

OpenBuildings Station Designer includes specialized GenerativeComponents computational templates. The templates allow you to design complex geometry, such as tunnels and platforms, to address your specific station design needs.

Use GenerativeComponents design templates
Explore station design alternatives relative to linear alignments such as tunnels and platforms.

Bring your Infrastructure Simulations to Life

Easily generate and share 3D animated renderings and visualizations with Bentley’s LumenRT, such as simulated pedestrian and crowd movement, for conveying design intent and guaranteeing fit for purpose infrastructure.

Fit for purpose
OpenBuildings Station Designer is a true fit-for-purpose station design application.

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