Offshore Structural Analysis and Design Software

Improve the design, analysis, safety, and reliability of offshore structures using SACS.

SACS Fatigue

Fatigue Life Evaluation and Redesign Software

Reduce offshore structural failure risk and generate detailed fatigue life calculations.

Gain a True Assessment of Fatigue Life

SACS Fatigue provides a variety of analyses so you can determine fatigue life from all angles. Analyze the life of your offshore structures using full nonlinear soil and structural analysis, dynamic spectral/time history fatigue analysis, spectral wind fatigue calculations (that include gust effects and spatial correlation), and damage assessments for wave action over time.

Automate Offshore Structural Workflows

Customizable templates within a common structural model make it easier to manage multiple analyses. Automatically pass data from one analysis step to another using industry-standard methodologies. These automated workflows simplify the management of large and complex models, which encourage the team to explore more design options.

Easily Comply with Offshore Design Codes

Ensure structural compliance using built-in checking and filter results for critical conditions. Optimize design and configuration for compliance to numerous current and past international codes.



SACS software is used to analyze offshore structures.

Zakum Development Company

“SACS software and its tailor-made enhancements is a very useful tool for structural integrity engineers where a quick workable solution is required in the shortest possible time.”


Achieve Offshore Structural Engineering Excellence

Ensure compliance with comprehensive offshore design code coverage in SACS Offshore Structure. Improve design for operational safety through ship impact and dropped object analysis, and minimize risk through offshore-specific load generation. Visualize complex structural response via an interactive graphical review of analysis and fatigue.

Featured Projects


Structural Integrity Assessment of a Ship-impacted Wellhead Platform

The USD 3 million project required Zakum Development Company (ZADCO) to evaluate and reinstate the structural integrity of an Abu Dhabi wellhead platform for resuming oil production after a ship collision. To perform the assessment and justify the resulting insurance claim, ZADCO needed to prepare a structural design brief, model pile soil interaction to determine safety of the platform and piles, and simulate the collision and post impact behavior of the structure. Given the varying hardness of the soil, uncertain vessel speed data, and an outdated model, ZADCO needed to utilize offshore modeling and analysis software to accurately assess the damage.


PL19-3 Oil Field Jacket Design and Development of “Fixed Offshore Structure Design Tool” Software

Located in Bohai Bay off China’s northeastern coast, the CNY 8.8 billion Bohai Development Project is a joint venture between China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) and ConocoPhillips China Inc. The project will expand existing facilities to include two 40-slot well head platforms, a central platform, and associated pipelines and cables. As engineering, procurement, construction, and installation (EPCI) contractor, CNOOC Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd. (COOEC) was charged with creating detailed designs of the offshore structures and developing engineering software.