Tech Talk: Progressive Assurance - Simplify Complex Rail Projects with a 'Right First Time' Approach

Tech Talk with Chris Rolison, Success Factors Advocate
  • May 22, 2018

As a stakeholder in complex rail infrastructure projects you face numerous challenges including: safety and regulatory compliance; supply chain complexity and performance; stakeholder management; contractual interface management; scope creep and associated cost escalation; engineering efficiency; whole life costing and operational performance and regulation compliance.

A systems engineering approach to project planning, design, delivery, and operations can provide highly effective ways of meeting many of these challenges. However, the rail infrastructure industry has struggled to effectively adopt systems engineering standards as ‘best practice’.

Hear from Bentley Systems expert Chris Rolison on how OpenRail Progressive Assurance enables a systems engineering approach throughout the life of an asset. OpenRail supports systems engineering best practices to assist in managing complexity, reducing corporate risk, and enabling management by exception all within a collaborative common data environment.

Learn how you can simplify the delivery of systems engineering principles on complex rail projects, reducing the cost and time typically associated with poor visibility of design verification evidence and build non-compliance. Enable your rail projects to adopt a unified approach to compliance and assurance, providing greater visibility of project health and flagging issues much earlier than traditional methods allow.

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