• Foster + Partners

    SSE Hydro

    Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Project Summary

The 12,500-seat SSE Hydro stadium located on a split-level site required Foster + Partners to explore alternative building forms and accommodate the diagrid roof frame, doubly-curved concrete bank, and curved-panel building façade. To meet these complex geometric design challenges and facilitate coordination among multiple consultants, engineers, fabricators, and construction companies, Foster + Partners needed a flexible, integrated BIM approach.

Foster + Partners used Bentley BIM software to manage the complex geometry issues and implemented an iterative conceptual design process to resolve the structural challenges relative to site constraints. Using GenerativeComponents and MicroStation, Foster + Partners effectively communicated the geometry for the roof structure, rapidly assessed and validated options for the doubly-curved concrete bank, and developed the curved panels forming the building façade. Bentley software enabled 3D, multi-discipline collaboration and allowed the team to work directly with contractors to deliver a fully coordinated model.

The integrated, collaborative approach facilitated by Bentley BIM software enabled Foster + Partners to flag and resolve potential issues early on in the design workflow, reducing requests for information, minimizing change orders, and resulting in significant time savings overall. Proactively addressing issues before they reached contractors was critical in meeting the aggressive project deadline.

Foster + Partners used GenerativeComponents and custom scripting to rationalize the building, resolve the layout of 945 nodes and 3,312 connections in the 126-meter-span roof frame, and optimize the 157 facade panels for fabrication. Bentley’s interoperable information modeling enabled the team to accurately communicate the design, while real-time reviews in Bentley Navigator alleviated coordination and clash detection issues. Bentley Architecture (now OpenBuildings Designer) allowed the team to integrate contractor and fabricator models into the construction and drawing production process for a fully coordinated design cycle.
  • Bentley solutions promoted creative, multi-discipline collaboration, facilitating a fully coordinated design process and timely delivery on an aggressive deadline.
  • The flexibility and interoperability of Bentley software provided Foster + Partners an integrated, collaborative design environment, allowing potential issues to be identified and resolved in the early design stages, saving significant time and reducing risk.
  • Foster + Partners used Bentley BIM software to resolve complex geometry and communication challenges designing an iconic arena to help secure Glasgow’s bid to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games.