• Emerson Process Management

    Centro de Operações Integradas

    Austin, Texas, Estados Unidos

Resumo do Projeto

    • Command center
    • Integrated Operations Center
    • Command center


This USD 4.5 million data control center brings together clients from disparate departments across multiple locations, particularly in asset-intensive industries such as oil and gas and mining, to monitor operations remotely. The state-of-the art laboratory environment comprises the latest networking and telepresence communications technologies, which range from cameras and mobile devices in the field to the centralized command and control technologies within the center. A number of different servers are hosted in the facility and elsewhere, allowing organizations around the world to simulate business functions and pinpoint inefficiencies.


Emerson Process Management implemented AssetWise 4D Analytics because of its quick deployment time, easy configuration, and quick customization capabilities. Hosting Bentley’s predictive operational analytics software on the connected servers provides the center’s clients with an array of readily-mapped inputs, as well as easily customized analytics in dashboard format. Within just days, the center can be reconfigured for specific organizational scenarios, helping clients quickly build confidence in their data and operations, and within their extended team.


The operational data control center aligns corporate safety and efficiency goals, increases understanding of the impact of actions on the operation—given clarity to factors out of the operation’s control (for example, weather)—and builds trust and confidence in data and teams to make accurate decisions in context. By enabling better decision making through simulation, one client has determined how to improve reservoir recovery, decrease maintenance costs by 15 percent, and increase uptime without having to spend more on capital equipment.


Emerson used AssetWise 4D Analytics to collate information from a wide range of sources, to help the center’s clients make decisions in a matter of minutes or hours rather than weeks and months, and to predict the impact of these decisions within the operation. In addition, predictive analytics enables companies to make decisions before an incident occurs or performance starts to drop, maximizing operational efficiency while increasing the opportunity for substantial cost savings.

  • The USD 4.5 million data control center enables its clients to monitor operations remotely, optimizing the alignment of corporate safety and efficiency goals, and helping to build trust and confidence in data so teams can make accurate decisions in context.
  • AssetWise Operational Analytics is hosted on the connected servers to display operational data in dashboard format on any of the connected devices, at any location.
  • “Our focus continues to be on reliability and growing asset optimization, including the whole business interest of our customers and helping them make more with what they have. We are developing the expertise in consulting, but the tools that you need to put that together and to put that into customer’s hands . . . the kind of things we get from Bentley are very good to make that happen.”

    Bob Lenich Business Director Emerson Process Management