• Constructure Designs Pvt. Ltd.

    Ice Hockey and Skating Indoor Stadium

    Dehradun, Uttrakhand, India

Project Summary

The USD 22.5 million facility features an ice rink, swimming pool, and a stadium for basketball, volleyball, wrestling, gymnastics, and other indoor sports. The project required Constructure Designs to design the arena covering 12,320 square meters of hilly terrain at a high altitude, with inclined columns to support the seating arrangements, an arch-shaped roof for the ice rink, and semi-circular roofs for the remaining areas. To accommodate these design challenges and deliver a world-class structure, Constructure Designs needed a modeling environment with advanced analysis capabilities.

Constructure Designs designed the arena to be built with steel and reinforced cement concrete. Using Bentley STAAD.Pro, Constructure Designs analyzed load cases and combinations for optimal structural design of the inclined columns and the varying roof shapes amid the high, hilly terrain. The flexible modeling and analysis capabilities of Bentley software provided Constructure Designs a cutting-edge approach to deliver a state-of-the-art facility.

The optimization approach facilitated by Bentley STAAD.Pro saved Constructure Designs time by automating and expediting repeated tasks. Using Bentley solutions reduced the amount of steel for the structure, resulting in a significant cost savings on the project. Located in Dehradun, the USD 22.5 million facility will offer neighboring countries easy access to an international, world-class arena.

Constructure Designs used Bentley STAAD.Pro for modeling and analysis of the entire structural system, including analyzing all possible load cases and combinations for the terrain. STAAD. Pro’s optimization approach enabled engineers to analyze the weight and depth of the steel needed for maximum strength and safety, resulting in considerable cost savings regarding the amount of steel needed. Bentley’s flexible modeling environment provided Constructure Designs an automated solution to update information and accelerate design efforts.
  • The flexible modeling and analysis capabilities of Bentley software enabled Constructure Designs to optimize its design approach, resulting in significant time and cost savings.
  • STAAD.Pro was used to model and analyze the entire structural system of the USD 22.5 million world-class facility featuring an ice rink, swimming pool, and indoor sports areas.
  • Constructure Designs used Bentley STAAD.Pro to resolve complex engineering challenges designing India’s first ice hockey rink in Uttrakhand’s capital city of Dehradun.