• CCTEG Beijing Huayu Engineering Co., Ltd.

    3D Standardized Design and Application of Main Power House of Xiaozhuang Mine Coal Preparation Plant

    Bin County, Shaanxi, China

Project Summary


The CNY 132 million project required CCTEG Beijing Huayu Engineering Co. to transition from 2D design and explore 3D collaborative modeling for the main powerhouse of China’s Xiaozhuang mine coal preparation plant. A traditional 2D design approach with collisions between disciplines resolved during construction would have sent the project over budget and schedule. To enable collaboration between the multiple disciplines involved, CCTEG needed a standardized, integrated 3D modeling approach involving new piping and equipment databases for the mining industry.


CCTEG implemented Bentley’s integrated software approach using ProjectWise for real-time, multi-discipline collaboration among designers located in Beijing and Xi’an. This collaboration allowed the designers to model the project with the main power house of the Xiaozhuang plant as the core. Bentley’s software for design and analysis enabled CCTEG to develop enriched piping and equipment databases of the plant, formulate audit standards, and identify and resolve clashes using 3D visualization throughout the design stage. The flexibility and interoperability of Bentley software allowed CCTEG to unify the modeling platform, customize standard component and part attribute databases, and optimize workflow processes to realize a modularized and clash-free design.


Using ProjectWise for multi-discipline, real-time collaboration accelerated information sharing, improved efficiency, and enhanced design quality, all of which minimized errors and reduced costs. Moreover, Bentley’s 3D modeling and analysis software cut plant design time by three weeks and reduced design error by 95 percent. CCTEG reduced design review time by half and cut 20 days during construction by resolving 620 clashes using Bentley Navigator. Overall, Bentley software saved CCTEG CNY 1.2 million and eliminated the need for an onsite representative, which would have been necessary if they had worked with a 2D design.


Using ProjectWise with AECOSim, OpenPlant, Bentley Rail Track, GEOPAK, ProStructures, and STAAD for real-time, collaborative design reduced the repeated modifications typically necessary with traditional 2D design. CCTEG used Bentley Navigator for clash detection and resolution of pipelines, equipment, tray, and civil engineering within the plant, handling 620 impact points to significantly improve the design quality and reduce construction delays resulting from collisions. CCTEG relied on the information mobility and interoperability of Bentley software to create a collaborative 3D design for the main powerhouse of the Xiaozhuang plant.

  • CCTEG successfully launched 3D collaborative design in the coal preparation industry using Bentley software for the main powerhouse of China’s Xiaozhuang plant to save CNY 1.2 million.
  • Using Bentley Navigator, CCTEG handled 620 clash detections saving 20 days during construction and the need for a 2D representative onsite.
  • Bentley ProjectWise enabled real-time, multi-discipline collaboration among project team members in Beijing and Xi’an, which helped to accelerate accurate information sharing and to shorten project delivery time.
  • CCTEG used Bentley’s interoperable software to improve information mobility and optimize design quality while cutting design time nearly in half and reducing construction and installation time.
  • “Using Bentley software facilitates the design of coal mine and preparation sites, and significantly enhances efficiency and quality.”

    Zhang Longzheng Vice Director of Information Center CCTEG Beijing Huayu Engineering Company