• Baliwag Water District

    Bulk Water Supply for Candaba Water District

    Baliwag and Candaba, Philippines

Project Summary


The Baliwag Water District in the Philippines agreed to provide a bulk water supply to the Candaba Water District, whose current groundwater source was suffering from saltwater intrusion. The challenge was to determine the volume of water the municipality could share without adversely affecting its own water supply network. The goal was to make Candaba a bulk-water customer, stop the use of the groundwater source with saltwater intrusion, and lower the cost of treating water by reverse osmosis.


In this PHP 18 million project, the Baliwag team used WaterGEMS to eliminate the need to conduct field testing and gather data manually. The hydraulic modeling that WaterGEMS provided enabled the Baliwag Water District to supply the Candaba Water District with the optimal amount of safe, potable water. This allowed Baliwag to maintain its cautious approach to the hazards of water over extraction and water-quality tampering.


The water supplied by Baliwag is produced at a lower cost than the water Candaba had produced itself. The arrangement generates revenue for Baliwag and reduces operating costs for Candaba. In addition, discontinuing the use of the groundwater source affected by saltwater intrusion prevented nearby wells from being adversely affected, thereby prolonging the life of the groundwater sources with good water quality.


WaterGEMS provided a comprehensive decision-support tool that helped Baliwag Water District understand how the water distribution network would react to the proposed operational strategies for providing Candaba with a bulk water supply. WaterGEMS enabled Baliwag to design the optimal system, with acceptable implementation and operational costs.

  • Using WaterGEMS as a decision-support tool allowed the Baliwag team to eliminate the need to conduct field testing and gather data manually.
  • Baliwag Water District aspires to be a world-class water utility providing safe, adequate, and affordable water and sanitation services and to protect the environment through community participation.
  • Baliwag’s water supply network includes 189,079 linear meters of pipelines, and 17 pump stations supplying 24,745 service connections.
  • “Our mission is, ‘We commit to provide safe, adequate, and affordable water to our consumer.’ Using Bentley's WaterGEMS, we are able to come up with the right design for our water system. Maintaining a right-size water supply would give us the lowest operational cost, and we could maintain an affordable water supply, which we commit to provide in our concessionaire.”

    Renald Cuevas Engineer Baliwag Water District