OpenComms Designer CONNECT Edition is a network engineering solution to plan, engineer, construct, and maintain fiber, coax, and hybrid fiber-coax networks. As Bentley's new application for communication design, it completes the convergence of Bentley Fiber, Bentley Coax, Bentley Inside Plant, and Bentley Expert Designer Communications. Here’s what’s new with OpenComms.

Design hybrid fiber-coax networks

Model all equipment, connections, and signal performance from the physical fiber port at the headend to the coax port at the subscriber. You can leverage precision layout features, a rich GIS environment, and real-time design verification to complete projects up to three times faster than competing solutions.

fiber-coax networks
Design hybrid fiber-coax networks.

Design and document inside plant

Use templates, design rules, and equipment libraries to quickly design headends, points of presence, central offices, and other sites. Create automatic reports for bills of material, connections, wire runs, and circuits. You can also integrate with your outside plant designs to model the end-to-end network.

coax network engineering
Perform coax network engineering calculations and analysis.

Manage communications design workflows

Enable designers, contractors, and managers to fulfill and track work orders per your company practices. Create and assign work orders natively or through integration with your work management system. You can also get instant views and notifications of pending, in-progress, past-due, and complete work orders.

Design fiber networks
Design fiber networks

Integrate with work management systems

Integrate design work with enterprise-level planning to avoid budget and schedule issues. Configure a two-way connection with the most common enterprise work management systems. You can also use standard, message-based interfaces to implement and maintain the integration with less effort.

fiber network schematics
Create fiber network schematics.

Perform network engineering calculations and analysis

Verify radio frequency designs with near real-time engineering calculations that update as devices are placed or edited. Speed up layout with fast analysis of optical link loss budgets, RF signal quality, and powering optimization. You can also visually identify devices that do not meet design specifications.

network engineering
Perform network engineering calculations and analysis.

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