OpenBridge Designer combines modeling, analysis, and design into one comprehensive application, creating a true BIM model of a bridge project. You can produce an interoperable physical and analytical model for steel and concrete bridges, which can be used throughout the bridge’s lifecycle. We have included some great new features in this latest version.

Deliver complex bridge projects

Now, OpenBridge Designer combines the modeling capabilities of OpenBridge Modeler with the analysis and design features of LEAP Bridge Concrete, LEAP Bridge Steel, and RM Bridge Advanced. Design and analyze complex bridges to meet the needs of all your projects.

Design and analyze complex bridges

Take advantage of open applications

Work with ProStructures for reinforcing concrete shapes for bridges and rebar detailing capabilities, OpenRoads Designer for corridor design, and ProjectWise for improved collaboration. Model and analyze all bridge types while having consistent and up-to-date project information in the office and the field.

Model, analyze, and design all types of bridges in an open environment.

Easily share, reuse, and repurpose data

Using a digital twin, OpenBridge Designer provides a sustainable platform for ongoing health monitoring, maintenance, and asset management. Collaborate with your project team in real time from the beginning of the project and throughout its lifecycle.

Precise 3D
Create intelligent 3D parametric models

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