Going Digital in Roads

Leveraging Digital Twins from Concept to Operations

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road and bridge owners on the five levels of digital maturity.

Accelerate Your Pace of Possible with Digital Twins

Digital twins will redefine how we design, build, and operate our roads. Imagine how well your assets could be managed if the as-built condition is always up to date. If multidiscipline design and construction teams work as one and deliver data to support operations. If sensor readings and other data provide timely operational insights to support both maintenance and capital improvements.


Ensure trusted information to support design, construction, and operations.


Empower your supply chain to help you meet project and operational goals.


Improve asset performance through more timely and informed decisions.

Going Digital assessment paper Going Digital assessment paper Going Digital assessment paper

Os Operadores Rodoviários estão Seguindo Rumo ao Digital

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