• SYNCADD Systems

    Bentley Map and ESRI Interoperability

    Arlington, Virginia, United States

Project Summary

The GIS and infrastructure data for U.S. Army installations had been stored in Oracle databases and edited using Esri’s ArcGIS products only. When its user community requested the flexibility to use more applications to manage the data, the U.S. Army Installation Geospatial Information & Services (IGI&S) researched numerous technology products and polled users’ needs to find a user-friendly solution that could be integrated with the existing system.

After evaluating the options, IGI&S decided to deploy Bentley solutions. Features of Bentley Map, such as Bentley Geospatial Administrator, and Oracle’s SQL Plus commands could be used to easily install data for use in Bentley Map. To help during the transition and implementation of the new applications, and ensure proper workflow order and validity of data in the new multi-vendor editing environment, IGI&S retained SYNCADD Systems.

Deploying Bentley Map with the capability to edit Oracle spatial data saved installations and headquarters significant costs and gave users with limited or no expertise using ArcGIS products another way to maintain their data. Installations with a mix of skills and preferences can maintain data using both Esri and Bentley products.

IGI&S used Bentley Geospatial Administrator and Oracle SQL commands to integrate the data with Bentley Map. Bentley Map was configured to run in a Citrix environment. Citrix was used to deliver Bentley Map from the IGI&S servers. Once the data was configured properly, a user familiar with Bentley Map could apply to be set up as an authorized user for mandatory training to learn proper workflow and ensure the validity of the data in the multi-vendor editing environment. The flexibility and interoperability of Bentley software provided IGI&S with an optimal solution to manage its data.
  • IGI&S leveraged Bentley products to provide its user community more flexible applications to maintain GIS and infrastructure data for nearly 300 U.S. Army installations.
  • The flexibility and interoperability of Bentley software made it the optimal solution to integrate with the existing IGI&S system while offering a user-friendly environment.
  • The USD 150,000 project incurred minimal costs and provided installations with a mix of personnel preferences and skills an option to choose to use both Esri and Bentley products.