ASSETWISE Digital Twin Services

AssetWise now offers digital twin services to help unlock your data’s value. Gain insights for informed decisions within a digital twin environment. Supporting linear and non-linear assets, AssetWise provides immersive visualization and adds data validation and advanced analytics to accelerate your digital advancement. Here are some new features in the latest version.

Create a digital twin, fast and easy

To overcome the challenge of data located in incompatible formats and different data sources, AssetWise Immersive Asset Service makes it easy to combine engineering, reality, GIS, and Internet of Things (IoT) data to create an immersive experience in 3D and 4D. Based on Bentley’s iModel.js, AssetWise improves contextual relevance across time to highlight changes over any period.

operational data
View up-to-date operational data direct from within the digital twin by simply clicking on an asset

Generate valuable insights for decision support

4D analytics within the digital twin help visualize real-time data and hotspots across any asset, fleet, or network, as well as over any timeframe. From immersive visualization and predictive analytics to artificial intelligence and machine learning, AssetWise ensures that you gain the right insights at the right time to make informed decisions for better safety, reliability, and performance.

Analyze and trend data over time, gain insights to make timely and accurate decisions.

Handle large volumes of data

AssetWise can handle large volumes of aggregated data from systems like SCADA, MindSphere, and IoT, ensuring in-depth analysis to produce valuable insights in context across your organization.

Whether linear or non-linear, display and analyze large volumes of data from connected systems.
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