2D/3D Finite Element Groundwater Seepage


SVFLUX™ is finite element software that allows modeling of groundwater seepage in unsaturated or saturated soils and rock. Offered as a comprehensive 1D, 2D, and 3D program for calculating steady-state and transient-state flow as well as evaporation from the ground surface. This feature is a leading option for geotechnical and hydrogeological analysis. This application is used for solutions involving calculation of pore-water pressures for slope stability, tailings dams, earth dams, reservoirs, unsaturated cover systems, and groundwater flow in embankments. 
  • Analyze saturated or unsaturated soils

    • Stable analysis of saturated or unsaturated soils. The new solver implements staged construction and excavation of modeling scenarios. Multiple formulation variations of unsaturated flow.
  • Calculate groundwater seepage

    • 1D/2D/3D saturated/unsaturated finite element groundwater seepage calculation
  • Creation of geometry

    • Creation of geometrically complex digital twin 3D models with the SVDESIGNER™ conceptual model builder. Creation of 3D models from triangulated surfaces (TINS). Multiple 3D model-building methodologies (Extrusions, 2D cross-section stitching, 3D layer cake, or material volume method).
  • Łatwy w obsłudze interfejs

    • Łatwy w obsłudze i uproszczony interfejs użytkownika oparty na oprogramowaniu CAD:
      – przejrzyście zorganizowany system menu z rozmieszczeniem głównych funkcji od lewej do prawej strony;
      – możliwość szybkiego tworzenia modeli;
      – nowy silnik graficzny 3D CAD zapewnia znacznie wyższą ogólną wydajność.
  • Generate pore-water pressures for export to slope stability models

    • Generate pore-water pressures for export to slope stability models. Calculate volume flow-rates through earth structures. Couple with SVSOLID to solve small and large-strain consolidation problems.
  • Model boundary conditions in steady-state or transient models

    • Head, flux, climatic, and cauchy boundary conditions are available in steady-state or transient models. Boundary condition data can be entered as tabled values. Advanced Fredlund-Wilson-Penman climatic boundary condition calculates the actual evaporation based on weather station data.
  • Obsługa tworzenia siatek czworokątnych/trójkątnych/czworościennych

    • Tworzenie siatki: Obsługa tworzenia siatek czworokątnych/trójkątnych/czworościennych Półautomatyczne generowanie siatki i ręczne udoskonalanie siatki. Nowe rozwiązanie 3D oferuje obsługę siatek powierzchni i siatek. Obsługa siatki powierzchni pozwala na tworzenie modeli o wyższej złożoności.
  • Unsaturated flow

    • This application has eight different soil-water characteristic curve (SWCC) fitting methods, eight methods of estimating the SWCC (with SVSOILS), four methods of estimating ksat (15 with SVSOILS), and seven methods of estimating unsaturated hydraulic conductivity.